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2018-19 Study Abroad: ‘Kenya’ Make It?

UST’s study abroad courses and sites for 2019 have been announced by the Center for International Studies. The Center has named alumna Helen Shaw as its new study abroad program coordinator.  

Opportunities are listed below:

  • San Jose, Costa Rica

Host: Beena George, Cameron School of Business

Courses: Globalization of Business; MGMT 4393, MBA 5393 and MIB 5393

Dates: January 2-13: winter break and spring CTA session (first half of semester)

  • Lucea, Jamaica

Hosts: Randy Soffer and Ana Lisa Gonzalez, School of Education

Courses: EDUC 4393/EDUC 5300/INST 4393/MLINST 6393

Dates: January 4-12: winter break and spring CTA session (first half of semester)

  • Quito, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands

Host: Ulysses Balderas, Center for International Studies; economics

Courses: ECON 3331 International Economics; INST 4393 Politics, Economics and the Environment

Dates:  March 8-17: spring break and spring CTA session (first half of semester)

  • Rome, Italy

Host: Jo Meier-Marquis

Course: UNIV 1293 First Year Experience Study Abroad (only available to freshmen)

Dates: May 18-25, 2019: after spring finals and spring CTB session (second half of semester)

  • Beijing, China

Host: Javoris Hollingsworth, chemistry

Course: CHEM 4393 Introduction to Materials Science: A Global Perspective

Dates: TBA June 2019

  • Ireland and Northern Ireland

Host: Lori Gallagher, Center for Irish Studies

Courses: Northern Ireland: Conflict and Peace; IRST/MLIRS 3368/5368, INST/POST/ HIST 4393, MLINS/MLPOS/MLHIS 6393.

Dates: June 7-28, 2019

  • Kenya

Host: Lucindra Campbell-Law, School of Nursing

Course: NURS 3391 Summer Externship
Dates: June 4-16, 2019

  • Poland

Host: John Hittinger, philosophy

Courses: PHIL 2314 Ethics/PHIL 4327/MLPHL 6327 The Thought of John Paul II

Dates: May 23-June 8, 2019

  • Puebla, Mexico

Host: Ulysses Balderas, Center for International Studies/economics

Courses: ECON 3331 International Economics/INST 4393/MLINS 6393: Mexican Traditions and Culture

Date: May 29-June 19, 2019

Host: Elizabeth Cocio, Spanish

Courses: SPAN 2350 Intermediate Spanish; SPAN/MLSPA 4393/6393, BIED 3350 Advanced Conversations.

Dates: May 29-June 19, 2019

Host: Jo Meier-Marquis, psychology

Courses: PSYC/MLPSY 4939/6393 Healthy Psych.

Dates: June 1-22, 2019

Host: Maia Larios-Sanz, biology

Courses: BIOL 4393, MLBIO 6393 Ecology of Disease

Dates: June 1-22, 2019

For more details, click this informational flyer.

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