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Election Results Announced, Fallah Elected First Student Body President

Results from the recent student elections were announced via email by Assistant Dean of Students Amanda Villanueva before spring break on Friday, March 8. After the initial election results came in, a runoff election between Nadin Fallah, junior international business major and Rosa Sotelo, junior accounting major, was held from March 20-21 to determine who would be selected for student body president. The results are as follows:

  • Student Body President: Nadin Fallah
  • Vice President of Campus Activities Board: Eveleny Plata
  • Vice President of Campus Initiatives: Kat Nguyen
  • Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion Organization: Samaria Herbert
  • Vice President of Senate: Jack Dowling
  • Vice President of Treasury: Anthony Aquila
  • Chief Justice: Youssef Ahmed
  • Sophomore Senators:
    • Melissa Alvarez
    • Salvatore Aquila
    • Heather Luu
  • Graduate Senator: Nouf Alzara

In addition to the initial election results, Villanueva wrote in the email that write-in candidates would be vetted and contacted the week after the election results were released.

In a separate email to the Celt Independent on March 28, Villanueva gave the following results for the write-in candidates:

  • Sophomore Senator: Cody Groff
  • Junior Senator: Jamila Boukari
  • Senior Senator: Francisca Gutierrez
  • Graduate senator position: Jovon Hunter

Many of the positions were formed as part of the new student organization restructure. The role of student body president has never existed before at UST.

“Being in the talks about the whole organizational restructure, it was always a position that we had been on the fence on,” said Fallah. “Would would it be right for our University? Is it something that we should really implement?”

Fallah said that several factors motivated her to run for the position, and that she saw it as an opportunity to hear the voices of the student body in a way they haven’t been heard before. She said she sees her role as a representative position and hopes to get more students to voice their thoughts.

Vice President of Senate Jack Dowling said he hopes to bring a positive reputation back to the senate.

“I’m looking forward to helping to train a new generation of student senators to be positive and impactful members of this community,” he said.

Candidates will assume their roles either at the end of summer or the start of the fall 2019 semester, Fallah said.

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