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Reveal Party Celebrates Finished Mural [Updated]

Television production classes at The University of St. Thomas will begin partnering with The Celt Independent to make the newspaper a multimedia platform.
The featured video was done as a TV 2 class news group project by students Mariana Beltran, Jairo Guerrero and Nancy Rodriguez.

The University of St. Thomas hosted an open mural reveal party on March 21 at Crooker Center to celebrate the completion of artist Gonzo247’s mural. The event opened with a few words from Gonzo, who was introduced by the University President Richard Ludwick. The artist extended a thank you to UST for its patronage and explained the symbolism in his mural.

Food was provided by James Coney Island, along with cotton candy and snow cones.

The event was also covered by the Houston Chronicle and many students took photos in front of the mural.

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