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Student Government Minutes- Jan. 30

Present: 8 Senators, Vice President of Student Government Jack Dowling, Assistant Dean of Students Amanda Villanueva, CAB Vice President Eveleny Plata, CAB Treasurer Theresa La

Absent: Senator Brenner, Senator Morales, Senator Segura

Quorum met? Yes

Committee Updates: 

  • Senator Alducin said he and the Census Committee are planning an event to help  promote the U.S. Census this semester.
  • Senator Edwards said he is working on a bill to add more equipment and amenities to the drama department, and another bill to provide more access points and servers to alleviate the Wi-Fi situation. 
  • Senator Swartz said he is working on a bill to create a survey to find out what the student body would like to see in a new student center. 
  • Senator Habibi and Senator Alvarez are still working on the student research funding bill.

Budget Update:

  • SG Treasurer Katia Agundiz presented the current Senate budget of $39,500.
  • According to Dowling, SG currently receives 7.5% of the student activity fee budget, and is looking to reduce it to approximately 7%.

Old Business:

Senate Bill 08: Course Availability Survey

  • Senator Chang will distribute the survey this semester.

SB08 was tabled.

New Business: 

Senate Bill 11: Campus Activity Board Rooftop Party Funding: “Glow it Out”

  •  CAB Vice President Eveleny Plata and Treasurer Theresa La presented a $4,000 bill to SG to help fund “Glow it Out,” a glow-in-the-dark-themed party hosted by the Campus Activity Board on the rooftop of the Moran Center parking garage. The money will fund a roller skating rink, along with staff attendants, assorted inline skate sizes and black lights. 
  •  The event would be held Feb. 27 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

SB11 bill passed unanimously.

Senate Resolution 05: Crooker Desk Handbook

SR 05 was tabled until the next SG meeting. 


  • IT will set up a centralized printing system during spring break to alleviate costs of maintaining individual printers around campus, according to Dowling. 
  • Dowling said students will be given 200 pages per semester; however, if IT does not agree to that number, SG will still retain additional printers.  
  • SG will no longer offer printing hours once the centralized printing system goes into effect. 

At 1 p.m., some senators left and SG no longer met quorum. 

The next SG meeting was on Feb. 11.

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