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Student Government Association Minutes- Oct. 30

Date: Oct. 30

Present: 19/20 Senators

Absent: Senator Michaella Maniscalo (excused)

Quorum Present? Yes

Special Guest: UST President Richard Ludwick

Key Points of Richard Ludwick’s Speech

  • He hopes to grow the university to about 7,000 students in enrollment.
  • The infrastructure committee will look at housing and classroom space needed for new students.
  • “To help form the future,” we must ensure our University is student-focused.
  • Call Toward Tomorrow Integrated Planning Process

Richard Ludwick Q&A:

Question: Regarding innovation, what kind of programs can we expect to be implemented in the near future?

  • Answer: “One of the areas we want to develop is called the MAX (St. Maximilian Kolbe),” Ludwick said. “At first it will be a virtual space, a place where we can do things that we might not be able to do otherwise in the normal structures of the University.”

Question: With the intended growth of the University, how will we maintain the current individualized learning that students currently receive?

  • Answer: “We want our students to experience a very personal learning environment, but we also want to do it in a social context. I think learning occurs best in a social context and one that is a very personal experience.”
  • “It’s not that the classes would be bigger classes, but that the kind of personal attention you get comes maybe from AI [artificial intelligence] or some other means.”

Question: What is the University’s priority? Is it growing our University or making it more affordable?

  • Answer: Both

Ludwick asked SGA members what they would change about the University and senators suggested extending Crooker hours, adding 24/7 study spaces, implementing a new aerospace program, making classes drone-certified and installing a butterfly exhibit.

Committee Updates

  • The Catholic Identity Committee is working on Basilian Appreciation Day, which will include mass followed by a small reception on Monday, November 5.
  • Community updates will be posted to the SGA Google Drive.
  • The Academic Advising Committee has made amendments to the SGA constitution, discussed ideas for better SOC relations and discussed a potential American Sign Language class with faculty.
  • The Sustainability Committee spoke about No Waste November and partnering with the STEM department and campus ministry to have a talk about climate change.
  • There is a new and improved student government webpage.

Old Business  

  • Senators unanimously approved a previously tabled resolution about SGA transparency, which will require the secretary to publish the approved SGA meeting minutes in the weekly campus announcements.

New Business  

Senate Bill 06 OBS Billiard Replacements: SGA will replace the pool sticks in the old bookstore.

  • SB 06 was unanimously agreed to pass

Senate Resolution 05 Closed Session. Closed Minutes: Two sets of minutes will now be taken. Closed session meeting minutes will be accessible to Senators and the SGA executive committee only. Open session meeting will be available to the public. There will be a penalty to anyone who discloses closed minutes without a ⅔ vote.

  • SR 05 was unanimously agreed to pass

Senate Resolution 06 Unsealing Minutes: The Chief Justice is the only person who can request closed minutes.

  • SR 06 unanimously agreed to be tabled until the next meeting

Quote of the Meeting:

Everything, as we know it, as student leaders, is changing, the structure of everything is changing.” -SGA President Greg Pirolli

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