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Meet The New Fall 2018 SGA Senators

The UST Student Government Association elected seven new SGA officers in September. Their biographies, platforms and contact information is provided below.

Senator Jenny Phan:

  • Senator Phan is a junior computational biology major in her first year at UST. She is from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She seeks to use her experience as a student who attended a college-preparatory high school to help prospective students transition into college.







Senator Melissa Alvarez:

  • Senator Alvarez is a freshman biology major from Houston. She loves to volunteer and her primary goal as a senator is to make the freshman class’ voice heard. She hopes the student body can work together to keep improving student life on and off campus.

Senator Salvatore Aquila:

  • Senator Aquila is a freshman double major in criminology and theology. He was homeschooled and is the second oldest of 11 siblings. His goal as a senator is to improve the UST experience for all students, especially the freshman class. He plans to do this by continually talking to students about their needs.

Senator Andreas Lupasco:

  • Senator Lupasco is a freshman computer science major. He said he is friendly and easy to approach. He hopes to better UST and leave a lasting legacy after he graduates.

Senator Michaella Maniscalo:

  • Senator Maniscalo is a freshman political science major on the pre-law track. She is from Spring, Texas and was homeschooled her entire life. As a senator, she wants to better the environmental sustainability of the campus and seeks to “enrich its educational and friendly atmosphere.”

Senator Andrea Molina:

  • Senator Molina is a sophomore and an education major with a minor in business. She is from Cypress, Texas. She plans to travel to less-developed countries, and “bring laughter as well as an education to less fortunate children.” As a senator, she plans to be the voice of the student body and help realize the students’ goals.

Senator Francisca Gutierrez:

  • Senator Gutierrez is a junior cell and molecular biology major. She strives to work for the sustainability of the school’s environment through eco-friendly activities. She also plans to improve the student body’s academic affairs.

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