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Student Government Association Minutes-March 19

Present: 17 Senators, Assistant Dean of Students Amanda Villanueva

Absent: Pro Tempore Jack Dowling (resigned from position 3/19), Senior Senator Gutierrez (excused), Senior Senator Creech (excused)

Quorum present? Yes


No committee updates

Villanueva asked for feedback on the student election process that took place March 6-8.

  • Villanueva said the total turnout for the latest election was 304 votes – about 10% of the University’s population.
  • Senator Robinson suggested emails should be sent to students more frequently by Villanueva, like the way emails for course evaluations are sent at the end of each semester. Most senators agreed.
  • Villanueva proposed using a portion of the UST website for headshots and a biography about each candidate in the future. She said this would give more exposure of the candidates to the student body.
  • Villanueva also said she wants to look into using Survey Monkey for future elections.

Old Business

Senate Bill 18: Ditch Single-Use Plastic, originally presented on Feb. 26.

  • Junior Senator Gutierrez proposed giving out 200 reusable water bottles with the UST logo on Earth Day, April 22.  
  • The bottles would be given out at the UST seal to students who can correctly answer one trivia question about the environment.
  • The bottles will cost about $1,400.
  • Senator Ahmed motioned to amend the bill to order 500 bottles instead of 200. Ahmed rescinded his notion.
  • SB 18 passed with 13 votes in favor.

Senate Bill 19: Professor Appreciation Award, originally presented Feb. 26.

  • Junior Senator Gutierrez presented a design of a plaque for a “Professor Appreciation Award” to be awarded at the 17th Annual Leadership Banquet on April 26.
  • SB 19 passed unanimously.

New Business

Stephanie McSheehy requested nomination to fill a Senate vacancy.

  • SGA president Gregory Pirolli asked what McSheehy wants to bring to SGA. She explained wanting to add events to show appreciation for UST custodians and to engage the student body, respectively.
  • Nomination for McSheehy passed unanimously.
  • Senate Bill 20: Senator Ahmed proposed a new way to play the SGA dodgeball game on Thursday March 28.
  • The proposed way to play is called “Medic” dodgeball, and uses a player who can bring back people who were tagged out.
  • The event will cost $600.
  • SB 20 passed unanimously.

Closing Comments

  • The Mural Reveal party was held March 21. SGA provided volunteers.
  • Run-off elections for student body president took place on Blackboard March 20-21.

The next SGA meeting will be held on April 2.


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