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Student Government Minutes- Sept. 10

The Independent would like to point out that the Student Government Association has been renamed Student Government.

Present: 8 Senators, Vice-President of Student Government Jack Dowling, Parliamentarian Salvatore Aquila, Assistant Dean of Students Amanda Villanueva

Absent: Pro Tempore Sotelo, Senator Chang

Quorum present? Yes

Committee Updates:

  • Senator Pena said the Catholic Identity Committee met to reflect on last school year and discuss goals for this one.
  • Senator Gutierrez said the Academic Affairs Committee met and members were asked to present two items the committee should work on this year.
  • Senator Boukari said the Student Life Committee planned to meet Sept. 11.


  • Dowling said Senator Luu resigned from senate.
  • Dowling said multiple freshmen have expressed interest in being senators. The newly elected freshmen senators will join senate at the next meeting.
  • Isaaiah Edwards, a junior theatre major and transfer student, was sworn in as a senator. He said his experience “helping out” the Student Government Association at Blinn College will allow him to bring new ideas to UST’s senate.

Old Business:

  • Dowling asked senators to work on a food budget for senate meetings.
  • Dowling also asked senators to work on a bill to provide more printing supplies for SG’s free printing service in the corridor of Crooker.

New Business:

Senate Resolution 01: Adoption of the Rules of Procedure

  • Senator Gutierrez and Senator Habibi presented a resolution for “adopting rules and procedures” for conducting senate meetings. Dowling said this will help meetings run efficiently.
  • Senate Resolution 01 passed unanimously. 

Closing Comments:

  • Villanueva proposed that senate add a “brainstorming session” to the end of every meeting to allow senators to discuss issues and campus experiences for senate to focus on. Villanueva said the idea came from the University of Houston’s SGA.
  • The minutes were amended and a 15-minute brainstorm session was added.

Brainstorming Session:

  • Senator Edwards asked what issues he could work on.
  • Senator Gutierrez said that there are not enough places on campus for commuters to relax. 
  • Senator Habibi said Campus Ministry has “taken over” the Fish Bowl in Crooker. According to Senator Pena, the Fish Bowl will remain Campus Ministry’s meeting place for people to discuss their faith. Villanueva said to think about ways to make the Fish Bowl more “homey” because President Richard Ludwick wants Campus Ministry to be the “heart” of campus.
  • Dowling told senators to look for ways to improve the Old Book Store.
  • Senator Groff said the weight room has lacked sufficient equipment since Jerabeck was remodeled. Villanueva suggested Groff speak to Assistant Director of Recreation Scott Latham about senate funding new equipment.

The next senate meeting will be held on Sept. 17.

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