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Student Government Minutes- Sept. 17

Present: 13 senators, Vice-President of Student Government Jack Dowling, Parliamentarian Salvatore Aquila, Assistant Dean of Students Amanda Villaneueva

Absent: None

Quorum met? Yes


  • Senator and Pro Tempore Rosa Sotelo resigned her positions, leaving a senior senator and Pro Tempore spot vacant.
  • Dowling said anyone interested in being pro tempore should contact him.
  • Four freshman senators were sworn in: engineering major Chris Alduci, business major Zach Brunner, communication major Ariana Morales and business major Dante Segura.
  • Senior Katia Agundiz was sworn in as a senior senator and treasurer of the senate.

Committee Updates:

  • Senator Boukari said the Student Life Committee met to discuss their goals for the 2019-2020 school year and teach new senators how to write a Senate bill.

New Business:

Senate Bill 02: Subledger for Senate

  • Senator Swartz presented a budget of $15,000 for Senate to spend on projects for the 2019-2020 school year.
  • SB 02 passed unanimously.

Senate Bill 03: Food provided for Student Government meetings

  • Senator Chang presented a budget of $2,500 for food.
  • Secretary Andreas Lupascu said he will send a poll in the Senate “Group-me” weekly to decide what food will be provided.
  • SB 03 passed unanimously.

Senate Bill 04: “Free Printing Initiative”

  • Former Pro Tempore Sotelo had originally sponsored this bill, but Senator Boukari sponsored it in her place.
  • Senator Boukari asked Senate to allocate $650 for printing supplies provided for the Student Government free printing station in the Crooker corridor.
  • $375 will be spent on printer paper, and $275 will be spent on ink.
  • Dowling said there should be money left over for more supplies and suggested an additional bill be created.
  • Senate Bill 04 was passed with one vote against, and two abstentions.

Open Discussion:

New Logo for Student Government 

  • Senator Habibi said the Student Life Committee discussed creating a new logo for Senate. The current logos are from when Student Government was called Student Government Association. 
  • Senator Habibi said he wants to spearhead the creation of a new logo, but would like advice from senators “with more experience.”
  • Dowling said to come up with a general design and discuss it with other senators.
  • Villanueva said she wants people to know the name was changed to Student Government, not SGA or exclusively “senate.” 
  • She said  “vice-president of student government” is more recognizable on resumes than “vice-president of senate” and administration wants to “recognize that.”

Student Government Office Hours and Free Printing Station

  • SG’s free printing is held when senators have an “office hour” at the SG desk.
  • Dowling said there always needs to be a senator at the SG desk when there is free printing or “people will be printing out their 15-page thesis.” 

Old Book Store Experiences

  • Senator Swartz said he asked students about their experiences in the Old Book Store. He said  “a lot” of people have told him that they have been getting hit by ping pong balls.
  • Senator Brunner said he is a part of the ping pong club (which is held in the OBS) and would like to look into moving practice to the racquetball courts in Jerabeck.
  • Villanueva said the ping pong club is not allowed to “reserve” the ping pong table in the OBS; it is free for anyone to use and that the OBS is for all students.
  • Villanueva said parts of the OBS will be getting renovated.

Closing Comments:

  • Villanueva said a member of the United States government will be at the University to speak about the importance of the United States Census this week.
  • The official wants to speak to senate first since SG represent UST students.

The next Senate meeting will be held on Oct. 1.

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