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Student Government Minutes- Oct. 22

Present: 12 Senators, Vice-President of Student Government Jack Dowling, Student Body President Nadin Fallah, Assistant Director of Residence Life Travis Wedeking

Absent: Senator Brunner

Quorum met? Yes

Committee Updates:

  • Senator Pena said the Catholic Identity committee met to discuss new meeting times and create a bill for “spiritual care packs” for finals week.
  • Senator Boukari said the Student Life committee met on Oct. 23.
  • Senator Gutierrez said the Academic Affairs committee will not pursue a resolution for Wi-Fi; instead, they want to create a bill to buy computers for students to use in Crooker.


Student Body President Nadin Fallah spoke to SG.

  • Fallah told senators about the University’s Board of Directors meeting held a few weeks ago.
  • She said UST President Richard Ludwick spoke about an increase in student enrollment and the proposed expansion of the nursing program at UST’s Conroe and main campus. 
  • Fallah also said the board discussed creating a residence hall or a student life center. The student life center would include study areas for students and conference rooms for student organizations to meet. 
  • She said Ludwick also acknowledged an “overflow” of people trying to park in the Moran parking garage. According to Fallah, if a new residence hall is built, a parking garage would be built too.
  • Fallah suggested senators speak to students to figure out which option would take priority: a student life center or residence hall.
  • Fallah said the board discussed the restructuring of the university, both academically and non-academically. She said the University has been communicating with students about the process.
  • Fallah said there would be an open forum discussing the restructuring on Oct. 29 at 12:30 in Anderson 103. Students will be able to ask Ludwick questions.

Budget Update:

SG Treasurer Katia Agundiz presented the current Senate budget.

  • SG began the school year with a $39,500 budget; now, SG has a $34,850 budget.
  • “Basically, you need to spend more money,” Dowling said.

Old Business: None

New Business:

Senate Bill 05: Defective ID Cards

  • SB 05 co-sponsor Senator Habibi presented the bill for Senator Brunner, who was absent.
  • Habibi said that under the bill, when a student needs to replace a defective ID, the Office of Student Affairs would bill SG for $5 instead of charging the student. The IDs must be defective, not damaged by students, to be covered.
  • Habibi proposed SG will use $100 to pay for 20 IDs.
  • Habibi said his bill was created to prevent students to pay for something that isn’t their fault.

SB 05 was passed unanimously.

Open Discussion:

Metro Pass Discount

  • Senator Alducin said students told him they are upset that UST students don’t have a Houston Metro Pass discount.
  • Senator Morales said she knows “for a fact” that UST faculty has a discount for the metro pass. 
  • Dowling said he has no knowledge of why students don’t get the discount, and told Alducin to talk to Assistant Dean of Students Amanda Villanueva if he wanted to do more.

Wi-Fi in Crooker

  • Morales said the Wi-Fi by the Senate desk in the Crooker corridor and in the Old Bookstore tends to randomly turn off and complicate SG office hours. She asked whom she should contact about the problem.
  • Dowling said he will contact the IT help desk.

Closing Comments: 

  • Dowling reminded senators to sign-in during their office hours and to take paper out of the printer when finished.
  • Dowling said senator attendance at the open forum is mandatory.

The next Student Government meeting will be held Nov. 5.

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