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Student Government Minutes- Nov. 12

Present: 9 senators, Vice President of Student Government, Student Body President Nadin Fallah, Assistant Dean of Students Amanda Villanueva, Director of Residence Life Ana Alicia Lopez

Absent: Senator Alvarez (late), Senator Brunner, Senator Morales, Senator Gutierrez

Quorum met? Yes

Committee updates: 

  • According to Senator Edwards, the Academic Affairs Committee is working on resolutions for supplying computers in Crooker, creating a student life center, and creating a bill to help fund student research at UST in case of deficient funds.

Old Business: 

Senate Bill 06: Caring Messages to Nursing Homes

  • Bill co-sponsor Senator Habibi presented a bill to SG for an allocation of $60 to pay for Thanksgiving and Christmas cards that will be sent to various Houston-area nursing homes.
  • The cards will be available at the SG desk for students to write messages to patients at the homes.
  • The Thanksgiving cards cost $23 and the Christmas cards cost $30.

SB 06 was passed unanimously.

Senate Bill 07: Student Hats

  • Senator Alducin presented a bill to buy hats with the UST logo for senators to hand out at the SG desk. He asked for an allocation of $2,539 for 500 hats.
  • Co-sponsor Senator Boukari said they changed the type of hat after complaints about the style last school year.
  • Pro Tempore Swartz suggested SG create an event where the hats could be used as a marketing tool.
  • Dowling said SG can’t have their own event per the ESO Constitution, but suggested they pair with another ESO event to give out the hats.

SB 07 was tabled.

Senate Bill 08: Course Availability Survey

SB 08 was tabled.

Senate Bill 09: Religious Finals Care Packs

  • Senator Pena presented a bill that would allocate $400 for supplies for “packs” that SG would hand out to students during finals week.
  • The packs include a rosary, handwritten Bible quotes, tea bags, an SG sticker, St. Thomas Aquinas prayer cards, candy, pens and pencils.

SB 09 was passed unanimously.

Senate Resolution 02: A Call for Response to University Change.

  • Pro Tempore Swartz said SG needs to create a written response communicating the Senate’s reaction to recent faculty lay-offs and sent to UST President Richard Ludwick.
  • Fallah warned SG to make their response objective and not opinionated.
  • Dowling said he would like to post the letter in the weekly campus announcements for students to read.
  • Swartz said the reason for the letter is to keep open communication with administration.
  • Dowling said SG will continue to discuss topics for the letter.

Senate Resolution 02 was passed unanimously.

Closing Comments:

  • Villanueva “challenged” senators to share information with students objectively. She said if they see misinformation, they should correct it.
  • Villanueva announced that CAB’s Jingle Ball is on Nov. 20, Deck the Mall is on Dec. 2, and Late Night Breakfast is on Dec. 3.
  • Fallah said she is a part of a student group working with Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner that discusses what the City of Houston can do for students. She said they have been discussing creating a student committee that focuses on initiatives to promote the U.S. Census. Dowling said he will appoint senators to the committee.

Senate Resolution 02 Discussion: Writing the letter

  • Swartz suggested SG thank the University’s administration for their transparency throughout the restructure process. He also said they respect the administration’s decision to not release the list of terminated professors.
  • Dowling said if senators have something to add to the letter, they should contact him. He said he is hoping to have the letter finished by Nov. 15.

The next SG meeting was held on Nov. 19.

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