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The Black Labrador to Close

The Black Labrador Pub at 4100 Montrose Blvd. will be closing on Dec. 15 after being in operation for 33 years.

The news hit in an Instagram post on Nov. 8 from The Black Labrador’s account, which read, “If only The Black Lab owned the property… Closing December 15.”

Fans reacted with disbelief and sadness. One commentator asked why the pub was closing, and in response the pub answered,“Unfortunately St. Thomas owns the property and they just don’t want us there anymore.”

However, UST’s Vice President of Marketing and Communication Jeff Olsen said the University was not involved in the decision to close the restaurant. 

“They decided to close their doors and shut their business down,” Olsen said in a phone call with the Independent. “Some of the employees over there had said online that UST was kicking them out, which is absolutely not true,”

“We don’t have any immediate plans for the space, “ Olson added, “so it’s not like we were kicking out The Black Lab to build something else there.” Olsen said. 

The lab’s general manager, Armando Vasquez, and employees at The Black Labrador declined multiple requests for comment.

 Olsen said he does not believe the “real” reason for the closure was communicated to Black Labrador employees, which led them to think the restaurant was being “kicked off” the property by UST. According to Olsen, the University reached out to the Black Labrador and told them Black Labrador employees were posting misinformation. 

As a result, the restaurant deleted the Facebook post. 

“We have a longstanding relationship that goes way back with The Black Lab, and we’re sorry to see them go,” Olsen said.

A UST alumna commented on The Black Labrador’s post and wrote, “I find this heartbreaking.”  In the post she explained that UST graduate students spent many nights at The Black Labrador discussing classes over food and drinks and that she even married her husband at the pub.  

Olson said the University will “figure out the right use for the space” with time.

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