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Student Government Minutes- Jan. 14

Present: 10 Senators,Vice President of Student Government Jack Dowling, Assistant Dean of Students Amanda Villanueva

Absent: Senator Chang, Senator Groff

Quorum met? Yes

Senator Nomination:

  • Sophomore accounting major Taylor Scruggs was unanimously nominated as senator.

Senator Retraining: 

  • Dowling reviewed the duties of senators. 

Committee Updates: 

  • Senator Boukari resigned from SG, leaving a vacancy for the Student Life Committee chair.

Committee Assignments:

Dowling assigned “duties” to  SG committees.

  • Dowling encouraged the Academic Affairs Committee and Finance Committee to work on creating a grant program to fund various student research on campus.
  • Dowling assigned the The Student Life Committee to finding a new chair.
  • He told The Legislative Committee to keep the SG Google drive with minutes updated. 
  • He also assigned The Conduct and Ethics committee to create policies for student workers at the SG desk in Crooker. 

University Committees

Dowling said the University asked SG for four senators to “sit on staff committees” and give their input. The committees include the Academic Programs Committee, the Academic Calendar Committee, the Curriculum Committee and the University coordinating committee. Senators could also choose to be on other committees not previously listed.

  • Dowling said the University is wanting student input.
  • SG Secretary Lupascu was appointed to the Academic Calendar Committee.
  • Senator Edwards was appointed to the Academic Programs Committee.
  • Senator Morales was appointed to the University Coordinating Committee.
  • Parliamentarian Aquila was appointed to the Academic Affairs committee.
  • Senator Pena was appointed to the Chapel of St. Basil Committee.

Leadership Retreat:

Senators were required to attend a “leadership retreat” with other Executive Student Organizations on Jan.18.

Old Business:

Dowling told senators they must revisit tabled legislation in SG committee meetings.

New Business: None


  • Villanueva said senators must run for re-election if they want to remain senators next school year.
  • Commuter on the Go was held on Jan.17, 9-11 a.m. at the Seal.

The next SG meeting is on Jan. 30.

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