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Election Results Announced, New Constitution Amendment Passed

Results from the recent student body elections were announced via email by Assistant Dean of Students Amanda Villanueva on Feb. 17. 

Election debates were held on Feb. 11 during the activity period in the Robertson B114. Students had Feb. 12 and 13 to cast their votes through a secure emailed link. 

The results are as follows:

  • Student Body President: Kim Nguyen
  • Vice President of Campus Activities Board: Eveleny Plata
  • Vice President of Campus Community: Jordan Habibi
  • Vice President of Campus Initiatives: Madeline DeLeon
  • Vice President of Senate: Rosa Sotelo
  •  Vice President of Treasury: Ashley Torres
  •  Chief Justice: Youssef Ahmed
  • Sophomore Senators: Christopher Alducin, Zachary Brunner, Ariana Morales
  •  Junior Senators: Melissa Alvarez, Adriana Pena
  •  Senior Senators: Isaiah Edwards, Francisca Gutierrez, Martin Silguero
  •  The amendment to the Constitution was accepted

Constitution Amendment S.R. 05 I.S. included “stylistic changes” in the body of the constitution which added new sentences or changed certain phrases, and duty clarifications for various roles, among them the roles of Vice President of Senate and Student Body President. 

Additionally, some other changes included limiting the Student Body President to two terms and setting up the process for determining an operational budget “based on student activity fee projections provided by the Office of Student Affairs.” Information on the amendment can be found here.

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