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ESO Student Leadership Candidates campaign to Students ahead of Wednesday’s Election

The University of St. Thomas is holding its annual election for executive student organization leadership positions for the 2021-22 school year on Wednesday, Feb. 10. The following positions are up for election: student body president, chief justice, vice president of Senate, vice president of Treasury Board, vice president of campus activities board, vice president of campus initiatives, vice president of campus community, and senators for each class year. 

The candidates described their platforms to UST students on Tuesday. Below are each of the candidates and their plans for the position they are running for:

Student Body President 

Michaella Maniscalo 

Maniscalo is a current parliamentarian of the Senate, a Presidential Ambassador and has served as a board member of the Treasury Board. Maniscalo believes her experience for helping those in need, including her founding of a scholarship for pregnant and parenting students , is what she will focus on as she plans to develop and grow relationships with other student leaders. 

Martin Silguero Jr. 

Silguero is a junior cell and molecular biology major who has experience as an orientation leader, a presidential ambassador and as the founder of the Latino Medical Student Association. If elected, Silguero said he will foster connections between all ESOs and the student body.

Chief Justice

Khady Mboup

Mboup is vice president of the Pre-Law Society and a member of the Treasury Board. As chief justice, Mboup plans to improve the environment of virtual learning and strengthen outreach between students and staff through a more equal and “unbiased” point of view. 

Vice President of Senate 

Francisca Gutierrez

Gutierrez, a biology major, plans to nurture the Senate committees by maintaining a steady process of passing and applying legislation.

Audrey Pena

Pena is a sophomore BBA/MBA general business major who is a current senator. She plans to implement an open platform between UST students and administration to help both groups easily express their ideas and concerns.

Vice President of Treasury Board

Teresa Ripoll

Currently a sophomore at UST, Ripoll is a current member of the Treasury Board. If elected, she hopes to promote individual student funding, and increase the Treasury Board’s funding support of the student body and other organizations such as the Senate, if elected. 

Ashley Torres

Torres is a senior BBA/MBA accounting major up for re-election. Torres plans to expand opportunities for professional development, such as partnering with Career Services, and promoting interaction within the University’s community by listening to student input. 

Vice President of Campus Activities Board

Katia Parra Not Present at candidate speech meeting 

Fatima Khan

Khan is a sophomore who has served as an intern and treasurer for CAB. She plans to improve the intern program by providing a wider experience of campus life and promoting student leadership growth if elected. 

Vice President of Campus Initiatives 

Kailee Mann 

Mann is a sophomore nursing major who is currently the Spirit Chair of campus initiatives. Mann hopes to improve Celt pride within students and campus life by actively promoting events and seeking out active supporters for members. 

Vice President of Campus Community 

Sophia Sanchez

Sophia Sanchez is a sophomore majoring in international studies, and a current CAB intern and representative of the Campus Community Diversity and Inclusion Council on the behalf of the Senate. Sanchez plans to create a space within the campus community where all students can share their backgrounds and differences through “inclusivity.” 

Sophomore Senators

Noor Ahmed 

Ahmed is a freshman who plans to focus on monitoring conditions on campus regarding COVID-19 and student safety.

Nicola Cascarano 

Cascarano is a freshman who is a Treasury Board member and the current treasurer of the Economics Society. Cascarano plans to interact more with the student community, help further develop students academically and socially, gather with the administration, create an open platform, and plan more campus events. 

Ava Ngo

Ngo is a freshman biology major who is currently a member of Tri-Beta, LMSA+, HOSA, PHPS, and CAB. If elected, Ngo plans to focus on students’ mental health by developing more events geared towards student fundraising and volunteer work. 

Chelsea Pham 

Pham is a freshman senator who plans on increasing communication between the Senate and the student body in order to pass more legislation. Pham will also focus on collaborating with more organizations on campus to pass more relevant and helpful legislation. 

Junior Senators

Christopher Alducin 

Alducin is a sophomore who plans on supporting all student voices and enacting their ideas through legislation.

Maria Gabriela Nanfara

Nanfara is a current sophomore senator who plans to bring both progress and unity to the UST community within the challenges of COVID-19.

*There are two write-in candidates

Senior Senators

Robert Flores

Flores is a junior who is a current senator. Flores plans to listen to those students who have “the next big idea,” and will strive to bring these new perspectives and concepts to the Senate in order to initiate change. 

*There are 3 write-in candidates 

Graduate Senators 

Sebastian Valadez

Valadez is a current junior BBA/MBA accounting major who plans on connecting the gap between the student body and the student government by ensuring that every student’s voice will be heard. 

Jose Manuel Pinon Venegas

Venegas strives to give back to the UST community, and hopes to meet the students’ needs in order to make the university “a place for all”.

*There are two write-in candidates 

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