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A New Normal, A New Hope: The Celt Independent Vision

So the madness continues… 

With COVID cases on the rise again, all we can do is sit and sigh. Some memories of the fall of 2020 come racing back into our heads, yet we feel more numb this time around. 

This new school year is creating another leap into the unknown. This seems to be the new normal for us, living in the unknown.

This past May, students were on edge as questions about the possibility of returning to in-person sessions come fall began to circulate. Now, with the new school year beginning, students including those of us at the Celt Independent still feel helpless considering how divided we stand as a community when it comes to public health. 

Are we expected to just jump back into a social environment surrounded by students and staff who may or may not be vaccinated? And as cases continue to rise, what are we walking into as students, with social distancing and mask-wearing on campus only recommended–not mandated? 

To say we are concerned is an understatement.

However despite all this confusion, we know what role we want The Celt Independent to play during this period for new and returning students. Our aspiration is for this site to be a one-stop shop where students can head for any and all campus news. News that is accurate and relevant, provided by an accountable and independent student source. 

Although we are a part of the school, we want this paper to be the watchdog of our university, the president, the board and other higher ups who run the school. The Student Government currently has most of the say in student affairs, and we want to insert ourselves into that equation. We’re going to be the fourth estate, keeping those in authority accountable.

And while we plan on reporting on news from Senate meetings to sports, and events hosted by the Campus Activities Board and the neighborhood, we want to go beyond these occasions. Covering student concerns and opinions is a priority, and so wherever there is a struggle, we want the Independent to be there. 

However, we need to start building a team. This team will help us achieve our goals and live up to these expectations. Could you be a part of this team?

We are in need of writers, photographers, and even social media coordinators. Even if you aren’t studying writing, journalism, or English, you’re welcome down here in our Robertson basement offices. A business major could focus on ad sales. A sports-medicine student could be our sports reporter, right from the sidelines. Training will be given to all, whether you are an experienced or inexperienced writer. 

Your work on the Independent would not go unrewarded. Staff members can expect payment for their stories. The most dedicated participants  may be invited to attend collegiate-level journalism conventions in other cities. Moreover, becoming a member of this college newspaper staff would provide unparalleled professional experience and networking opportunities, and would look substantial on your resume. If you are interested in joining our team, contact us at for more information. 

That said, we would like to introduce ourselves in this first editorial of 2021-22 school year. We are senior Noe Diaz and sophomore Caroline Hoffmann, the co-editors of the Celt Independent, and we are looking forward to serving you, the campus community.

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