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Freshman Senator Candidates Announce Campaign Plans to Freshmen Ahead of Wednesday’s Election

The  University of St. Thomas holds its  annual Freshman Senator elections for the 2021-2022 school year today, Sept. 16, and freshman students will receive a ballot via email. 

The four candidates with the highest number of votes will be elected to the Senate. Below are each of the candidates and their platforms.

Christopher Amaro

Amaro said he would like to increase student participation in campus clubs as he believes that clubs  provide vital opportunities for building connections and campus involvement. Further, Amaro said he plans to hold frequent round-table-style discussions with the Student Government Association to address campus issues and provide transparency. 

Janne Carreno

Carreno said that being the second of eight childrens has helped her understand how to resolve conflicts between groups of people. Additionally, she hopes that every  student at UST will become  fully aware of the resources available to them and plans to maximize the role those resources play in the student’s success. 

Lituania Fernand

Fernand said she plans to make the student government more transparent, and make it easier for Celts to voice their concerns. 

Martina Oliver

Oliver said she would like to increase opportunities for social interaction on campus between students. She proposes pop-up shops for student-run businesses, such as stands for art and jewelry. Additionally, she said she plans to work with the Celt Cafe staff in order to address the affordability and variety of nutritional options available. 

Jerry Reyes

Using an example from the movie “Catch Me If You Can,” Reyes said that the daily struggle with studies is all in order to build something greater. He said he plans for each student to overcome his or her struggles and be able to build for the future by using the resources provided by the University. 

Ashbey Varghese

Varghese said she would like to promote social and emotional wellness throughout campus, and that she has related experience working for her church and the non-profit organization Girlstart. Varghese proposed creating a suggestion box so students could voice their concerns anonymously, and said the voice of each student is valuable and deserves to be heard.

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