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Upcoming Wednesday ESO Student Leadership Election Bring Candidates Together to give their Speeches

On Tuesday the students running for elected positions for the 2022-2023 school year gathered in the student activity mall to give their speeches before polls open up at midnight.

Voting will take place for two days starting on Wednesday, Feb 23 until 11:59 pm on Thursday, Feb 24. 

The following positions are up for election: student body president, chief of justice, vice president of senate, sophomore senators, junior, senators, senior senators, vice president of campus activities board, vice president of campus communities, vice president of treasury board.

Below are each of the candidates and their plans for the position they are running for:

Student Body President

Salvatore Aquila

Salvatore Aquila is a senior majoring in criminology. Aquila said his mission as student body president would be to unite the student body as a whole. “I stand for organization; let us organize and realize the power we hold against every obstacle that is against us,” he said Tuesday. “ With the ability to organize with the same vision it will help us drive that vision and make it possible.”

Nicolas D’Amelio

Nicolas D’Amelio’s campaign motto is “to be rather to seem.” As student body president D’Amelio told students he would help the university to be the best version it can be. He said this includes keeping the campus up to date with the new changes around us. D’Amelio said he will put constant pressure on our student government and president to make these changes. He said that he wants our students and student government to work together. 

Chief Justice 

Sofia Sanchez

Sanchez has served as a leader in many ways, most recently as vice president of campus communities. Sanchez said she believes she is the person for the job and wants to be “someone who is ready to bridge the gap between students and the responsibilities we carry.” She said she plans to grow and develop by creating more visibility for the chief justice and to help the student body understand the process of getting more involved, as well as making it easier for them to do so. 

Luke Stein

Senior Luke Stein is a double major in theology and dance with a minor in English. Who is also a current junior resident assistant. As chief justice, Stein said he “will ensure UST traditional counsel is up to its responsibilities of operating according to the executive student organization constitution.” Stein said he wants to create visibility between the Chief of Justice and the student body and give students awareness of available opportunities to get involved on campus.

Vice President of Senate

Aldolfo Huerta

Aldolfo Huerta said he wants to be vice president of senate to make the students’ voices heard. Huerta said if he wins he will create communication between the student body and student government by going out and talking to students face to face, connecting more with the student body, and more clearly understanding what students want.

Audrey Pena

Audrey Pena is a junior majoring in business who serves as current senate parliamentarian who has worked in public relations (PR) for the campus activities board, sophomore senator, and OL. Pena plans to create more transparency and to help represent the whole student body. Pena said she wants to be the person who “connects all different kinds of students into one tight-knit community.” She hopes to use a better platform to help create a clear path of ideas from the student body to student government.

Sophomore Senators

Lituania Fernand

Lituania Ferrand is a rising sophomore and a current senator who said she wants to primarily keep the student body more involved. Ferrand said she wants each student to have a great experience at UST where they don’t just come to campus to complete courses but want to stay and be active within the University. 

Jerry Reyes

Jerry Reyes is a rising sophomore who is majoring in political science. Jerry Reyes is a current senator who said he values spreading the word and culture of St. Thomas.

Junior Senator 

Noor Ahmed

Noor Ahmed is a rising junior who is majoring in psychology who said he has already created communication between our student government and our commuters. He created a survey to assess commuter needs and would like to help turn the responses into improvements next year. Other changes would include updates to the flooring and murals on our campus. Ahmed said he will focus on everyone, not just the commuters.

Senior Senators 

Chris Alducin

Chris Alducin was not in attendance.

Khristian Garcia

Khristian Garcia is a rising senior who is majoring in general business who said he will focus on making sure the student body voice is heard. He will make sure that communication between the senate and the student body is clear so he can make any changes necessary on campus.

Sirenia Garcia

Sirenia Garcia is a rising senior who is majoring in music who said she would continue to reach out to faculty and make legislation on campus.

Vice President of Campus Activities Board 

Lizzy Pham

Was not in attendance.

Vice President of Campus Communities

Tamara Lutta

Tamara Lutta is a rising senior who is majoring in international development. Lutta said she keeps inclusivity close to her heart and makes it a priority. Lutta said she is working on engagement with groups that aren’t very involved on campus, as well as focusing on minority involvement.

Vice President of Treasury Board

Fatima Khan

Fatima Khan is a junior integrated humanities major and is the current vice president of campus activity board. Khan said she wants to create transparency about student activity fees so everyone is aware of where their money is going.  She said she also wants to increase awareness of the student government treasury board on campus.

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