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Responsibility to Vote

In our last editorial, we wrote about the importance of being well-informed and involved in one’s community. Citizens in a democracy have the responsibility to support a free press and exercise their rights.

As the midterm elections approach (early voting is Oct. 22 – Nov. 2, and the election is Nov. 6), research the candidates by reading credible sources to make the best informed decisions. Credible sources equally and accurately present different candidates’ viewpoints, without bias.

Based on your research, side with the candidate who best aligns with your personal views. Although you might not want to vote because you don’t like either candidate, voting will at least allow you to record your view and participate in the process.

The election of a single candidate can drastically change the political climate. For example, if congressman Beto O’Rourke, Texas’ Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate, were elected, he would be the first Democrat to hold statewide office since 1994.  

Elections come down to single votes, and your one vote matters. Elections are your only chance to elect the leaders of your state and nation.

We at the Celt Independent encourage you to make your voice heard and get out to your local voting booth.

Some important positions on the ballot include:

Texas’ U.S. Senate: incumbent Republican Senator Ted Cruz, Democrat U.S. Representative Beto O’Rourke and Libertarian Neal Dikeman.

Texas governor: incumbent Republican Greg Abbott, Democrat Lupe Valdez and Libertarian Mark Tippetts.

Texas lieutenant governor: incumbent Republican Dan Patrick, Democrat Mike Collier and Libertarian Kerry McKennon.

Texas attorney general: incumbent Ken Paxton, Democrat Justin Nelson and Libertarian Michael Ray Harris.

For more information about candidates and their positions, and to find your local polling place, see

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