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Student Government Minutes- Nov. 19

Present: 10 senators, Vice President of Student Government Jack Dowling, Student Body President Nadin Fallah, Assistant Dean of  Students Amanda Villanueva, Director of Residence Life Ana Alicia Lopez

Absent: Senator Boukari, Senator Groff, Pro Tempore Swartz

Quorum met? Yes

Committee Updates:

  • The Catholic Identity Committee will meet to assemble care packs when the materials arrive. 
  • Senator Alducin was unanimously appointed as chair of the Census committee. The committee will be focused on initiatives that promote the U.S. Census during the spring 2020 semester.

Associate Justice Nominations

  • Four students were nominated as associate justices. They will help with elections of executive student positions and mediate any judicial disputes among ESOs.

Budget Update

  • SG Treasurer Katia Agundiz presented the current Senate budget of $34,290.
  • She said if all bills were passed during this meeting, the budget will be $24,921 for the spring semester.

Old Business:

Senate Bill 08: Student Hats

SB 08 was tabled.

New Business:

Senate Bill 09: Thank You Cards

  • Senator Pena presented a bill that would pay for 175 thank you cards for students to write to professors, administration and friends.
  • She said the cards will be available for students at Campus Ministry and the SG desk on Nov. 25 and 26.
  • SB 09 was passed unanimously.

Senate Bill 10: Commuter on the Go

  • Senator Habibi asked SG to allocate $300 to help Campus Community provide a UST parking pass and gas gift cards for CC’s commuter event.
  • $100 was requested for a parking pass and $200 for gas gift cards.
  • The event will be held at the UST seal on Jan. 15.

SB 10 was passed with 9 votes in favor and 1 abstention.

Senate Bill 11: Crooker Work-Study Positions

  • Senator Segura presented the opportunity for a work-study position for students at the SG desk during printing hours.
  • According to Dowling there are gaps in senator office hours during which printing is not available. These positions would fill the gaps and allow for more printing hours.
  • Segura said workers will be trained to work the desk just like senators.
  • Segura asked for $6,460.63. Lopez said SG suggested they only need $3,000.
  • An amendment was made to change the bill to $3,000.
  • An amendment was also made to open the job to all students, though work-study students are preferred. The workers will be paid $7.25 an hour.
  • SB 11 was passed unanimously.

Resolution Statement

  • Dowling asked if senators wanted to finish their letter to UST President Richard Ludwick.
  • After discussing edits to the letter, senators decided to vote on it on Nov. 21 by using a poll in their Senate group chat.

The next SG meeting will be held next semester.

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